red wine marinade recipe -

Red Wine Marinade Recipe (Great for Vegetables and Tofu)

  Red wine marinades lend themselves particularly well to vegetables you are planning to grill.  In this version, the bold flavor of the wine blends perfectly with the more subtle flavors of soy sauce, garlic, lemon and basil.  For best results, use a good-quality red, rather than a “cooking wine”. Great vegetable candidates for grilling […]

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VZ 056 – Explaining Vegetarian Choices

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan is a very personal choice. Some may have ethical reasons, some health, some environmental. If you follow a plant-based lifestyle, you may or may not choose to share your reasons with others. This episode of the podcast is based on listener responses to the question “How do you explain your […]

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Taco seasoning recipe -

Taco Seasoning Recipe

At our house, we have crunchy tacos at least once a week.  And the fact that we are vegetarian doesn’t mean we’re eating yucky-tasting fake-meat tacos, either.  We create our taco filling with Gardein Beefless Ground and this homemade taco seasoning. By making our own taco seasoning we are avoiding added gluten, chemical preservatives and […]

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VZ 055 – Kids and Vegetarianism

Scenario #1: You’re interested in adopting a plant-based diet, but you have kids who may or may not jump enthusiastically on the veggie train. Scenario #2: One day, out of the blue, your child announces that (for whatever reason), she wants to be a vegetarian. In either case, what do you do? How do you […]

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VZ 054 – “Fed Up” Documentary Review

“Fed Up” is a powerful new documentary from Katie Couric, producer Laurie David, and director Stephanie Soechtig. The premise of the film is both simple and complex: what if everything we’ve been told about diet and exercise for the past 30 years is wrong? The research that went into “Fed Up” is extensive and revealing, […]

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