VZ 120: Happy World Animal Day!

Vegetarian zen podcast episode 120 - happy World Animal Day http://www.vegetarianzen.com

  Happy World Animal Day!!! This episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast is dedicated to animals everywhere! In it we share lots of information about World Animal Day: what it is, how it got started, and ways YOU can get involved. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the Vegetarian Zen Podcast! If you […]

Vegetarian Tacos!

vegetarian tacos http://www.vegetarianzen.com

¿Quieres Tacos?   If you’re a vegetarian or vegan and you’re craving delicious tacos, chances are your options at the local Mexican restaurant or taco truck will be slim-to-none.  For vegetarians, potato and egg (if they’re serving breakfast), maybe bean and cheese (if the beans aren’t made with lard).   For vegans…oops, sorry.  Chips and […]

VZ 119: Building a PlantPure Nation

Vegetarian Zen podcast episode 119 - Building a PlantPure Nation http://www.vegetarianzen.com

  We were fortunate to be able to attend a screening of the documentary PlantPure Nation this past week. The film was directed by Nelson Campbell, son of renowned researcher and whole-plant-foods advocate T. Colin Campbell.  As Campbell (the younger) explains, PlantPure Nation is a grass-roots movement aimed at changing the way America eats by […]

VZ 118: Vegan Butcher Shops – Yes, They DO Exist (and They’re Awesome!)!

Vegetarian Zen podcast episode 118 - vegan butcher shops: yes, they do exist (and they're awesome) http://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we’ll be talking about something that’s pretty new – vegan butcher shops! In the past couple of years these businesses have slowly been starting to pop up, and it’s really great news for the vegetarian and vegan community.  We’ll talk about where you might find a […]

VZ 117: Making a Difference with Vegetarianism

Vegetarian zen podcast episode 117 - making a difference with vegetarianism http://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we discuss a topic that was suggested by a listener. She wondered if some people who became vegetarian or vegan for reasons pertaining to animal welfare suffer from depression because they feel that they are not making a difference with vegetarianism. We address some reasons for these feelings […]

How to Grill Like a Vegetarian MVP This Football Season

How to Grill Like a Vegetarian MVP http://www.vegetarianzen.com

Are you ready for some football???   September is upon us. There’s a tinge of Fall in the air here in South Texas, which to me always means football! Texans love their football and I am no exception. I grew up a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, watching football games with my Pop on Sunday afternoons. […]

Vegan Mexi-Dogs

Vegan Mexi-dogs with vegan cheese sauce http://www.vegetarianzen.com

Looking for a quick vegan lunch, an afterschool snack, or a game-day treat? These yummy tortilla-wrapped hot dogs may be just the thing you’re looking for.  They’re simple, they’re satisfying,…they’re vegan mexi-dogs!

We use Tofurky brand hot dogs, but any vegan hot dogs would work for this recipe.  The tortillas are our absolute favorite ones…Food for Life’s sprouted corn tortillas.  They taste amazing, they freeze really well (I usually buy three or four packages at a time so we won’t run out), and they make incredible tortilla chips.   If you want to learn how we make ours, check out our recipe for Chile-Lime Tortilla Chips.

vegan Mexi-dogs ingredients http://www.vegetarianzen.com

Once you’ve made your Mexi-dogs, you’ll need to dress them up!  Vickie likes to dip hers in warm vegan cheese sauce.  You can probably buy it at Whole Foods or other specialty stores, but delicious plant-based cheese sauce is really simple to make.  Here are a couple of recipes to try:

Other serving ideas:

  • salsa
  • pico de gallo
  • guacamole

Feeling adventurous?  Try spreading a thin layer of warmed vegan cheese sauce, refried beans, or salsa on the softened tortilla before rolling up your hot dog.

Question: Did you create your own add-in or serving variations to our Mexi-dogs recipe? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Congratulations to the Winner of Megan Cain’s Book, Super Easy Food Preserving!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on Episode 103: Interview with Megan Cain, AKA The Creative Vegetable Gardener.

Super Easy Food Preserving http://www.vegetarianzen.com

We’re happy to announce that Veg Zenner Beth Pierce is the winner of Megan Cain’s book, Super Easy Food Preserving.

Congratulations, Beth!

Thanks again to everyone who entered.  If you’d like your own copy of Megan’s awesome book, click the button below:

Buy Super Easy Food Preserving

VZ 116: The Vegan Cheese Episode

How to Make Foods Taste Cheesy without Dairy Cheese

Vegetarian zen podcast episode 116 - the vegan cheese episode http://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we’ll tackle a topic that thwarts many people in their attempts to go completely vegan: CHEESE. We’ll talk about some dairy-free ways to satisfy your cheese cravings, plus take a look at what goes into making vegan cheese.   Thanks for tuning in to this episode […]

VZ 115: Are You Getting Enough Iodine? Your Thyroid Might Not Think So!

Vegetarian zen podcast episode 115 - are you getting enough iodine? Your thyroid might not think so! http://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we discuss thyroid issues and iodine deficiencies, and why they are of special interest to vegetarians and vegans. Vickie discloses a personal story and shares why thyroid and iodine issues recently became important to us. Disclaimer: Everything we discuss is based STRICTLY on our own research […]