spinach enchiladas

Spinach Enchiladas Recipe

In my opinion, adding spinach is one of the best things you can do to breathe new life into plain old cheese enchiladas.  Don’t get me wrong…cheese enchiladas are good in their own right, but adding fresh spinach really kicks up the flavor and gives a healthy dose of Vitamins A and K as well […]

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VZ 042 – Herb Gardening

We love cooking with fresh herbs.  They provide amazing flavor for just about any dish you can cook and, if you grow them at home, cost very little. In this episode, we provide a high-level overview of herb gardening.  We discuss which herbs are annuals and which are perennials, the benefits of growing herbs in […]

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7 Meal Planning Tips

7 Simple Meal Prepping Tips

How many nights have you come home with takeout simply because the thought of spending an hour or more of precious after-work unwind time prepping, cooking and cleaning filled you with dread?  Sure, fast food is nutritionally bankrupt, but it’s fast, easy, and has virtually no cleanup! But what if you came home to find […]

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VZ 040 – Meal Planning 101

Two of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy meals during the week are time and effort.  How often do we come home tired from a long day at work and end up eating pre-packaged, easy to cook foods or take-out fast food? In this episode of the podcast, we offer seven meal planning tips that will […]

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VZ 037 – Vegetarianism & the Environment

Raising animals for human consumption has a tremendous negative impact on our environment.  Grazing animals such as cattle, sheep and goats release harmful gases into the atmosphere as part of their digestive process.  The estimated number of cattle currently being farmed worldwide is 1.5 billion.  Add to this number billions of other grazing animals, both […]

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Veggie-versary Last Day to enter

Veggie-versary Giveaway Grand Prize Drawing!

Wow!  Our first Veggie-versary celebration has been a huge success! One year ago we became vegetarians, and haven’t regretted a single second of it.  We’ve felt healthier and more in control of what we put in our bodies.  We’ve learned much and have had a blast sharing that new knowledge through our podcast, website and […]

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