Vegetarian and Vegan Halloween Resource Guide

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Let’s have a Vegetarian and Vegan Halloween!

In Episode 020 of the Vegetarian Zen podcast (release date Sunday, October 27, 2013) we discuss tips for having a healthier Halloween.  That got me thinking.  I like to hear people talking about things, but I LOVE having links to click on, lists of cool ideas to read, and fun pictures to look at!

This post, then, is dedicated to a very vegetarian and vegan Halloween, with lots of recipes, party ideas, vegan treats, eco-friendly Halloween tips, and much, much more.

vegetarian and vegan halloween resources

All you have to do is walk up to a house, ring the doorbell, and say “tricks or treats.”

 — Lucy van Pelt

Healthier Treats

In this great post at Kids Stuff World, blogger Stacy Teet offers 8 healthier trick-or-treating options, including fruit snacks and play-doh.  Who say’s trick-or-treating has to be all about candy?

Jennifer C. at VeggieBoards provides readers with a list of vegan treats.  Some are organic/natural (like YumEarth Organic Lollipops) and some are more “mainstream” (think Swedish Fish and DumDum pops).  What I love about this list is the fact that it is broken down by cost per treat, and there is a nice range, from $0.04 per Dum Dum pop to $0.48 for a snack pack of Mike & Ike.

Another offering from Jennifer C. and monicas at VeggieBoards, this list is much more extensive than the one above, and for this reason doesn’t break down each treat by cost.  That’s okay with me, though…they have listed so many great options it would be easy to find ones in any price range.  This list also includes 12 non-candy items for those who don’t want to hand out the sweet stuff.

Lisa Douglas over on Crazy Adventures in Parenting has a great family Halloween candy tradition: The Halloween Trading Post.  When the kids come home from trick-or-treating, she is ready with natural and organic candies and other snacks to trade for all of the bad stuff.  What a terrific idea!  You can read about it in the post above, and in a little more detail in the previous year’s post, All Natural Halloween Candy Alternatives (two different articles).

A very important note about food allergies and Halloween:

For children (and adults!) with food allergies, Halloween can be both a challenge and a danger.  Even exposure to foods that have come in contact with food allergens may prove fatal to allergic children.

In a post on her Red, White & Grew blog, Pamela Price provides [Homegrown Kids] Tips for a Safe, Allergen-Free Halloween Party.  If you have or know children with food allergies, please take a moment to read her post.  The tips she provides are very valuable and could save someone’s life.


Make Halloween Green

vegetarian and vegan halloween

(image by Rob Slaven on is among the premier websites for ideas to increase environmental sustainability, so of course I would expect them to have some awesome Halloween articles.  Check out this one and the one below for some great ideas for a greener Halloween.  I especially like tip #2, which is all about having a “no carve” pumpkin.

I love tip #4 in this article: use what you already have for trick-or-treating bags or baskets.  It’s super-easy to turn an old basket, bag or tin into a treat holder.  Let your kids decorate their own to make it even better!


Let’s Have a Party! (And Other Halloween Traditions — Plus RECIPES!!)

Lots of great ideas in this article from Jill at One Good Thing By Jillee.  You can: have a “spirited” evening of Halloween Bingo, decorate a Halloween tree, or do some special Halloween giving such as offering to decorate the house of a neighbor who can’t do it him- or herself (to include take-down as well, of course!).  This article also includes recipes for Halloween themed breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

Here you will find a plethora of amazing Halloween recipes and party treat ideas, all vegetarian or vegan.  While we can’t guarantee that everything is “super-healthy”, our pins do represent “healthier” versions of treats, and of course, there are plenty of fun and creative ideas for fruit and veggie snack trays as well.

  • Halloween treat recipes and more from Fork and Beans

If you’ve never visited the Fork and Beans website before, you’re in for a real treat (and I don’t just mean because of all the Halloween goodies!).  The author, Cara, offers amazing recipes, all of which are gluten, egg and dairy free…and yummy.  I speak from experience, having tried several already, and moving on to more soon. In the original version of this post back in 2013, I linked to an article about homemade candy bars; in this updated version I’ve linked to a general search of the word “halloween” on the Fork and Beans website…simply because Cara has too many fantastic Halloween posts to choose just one!

Oh my! I could easily have gone on and on with this list. I definitely have no shortage of great resources from very talented people.  Hmmmm…I’m thinking that a Halloween resource guide is going to be an annual tradition.  I’m also sensing a holiday guide series.  Thoughts or suggestions, anyone?

vegetarian and vegan halloween

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