A Most Motivational Day with Pat Flynn and Friends

Do you ever have one of those days on which everything just seems to fall sweetly into place?  I mean, things are connecting, you’re being super-productive, you’re meeting new people and learning lots.  Well, yesterday was one of those days for me.  It was, wait for it…a most motivational day.  In the words of the mostly pathetic but occasionally and accidentally profound George Costanza, “It is all locking in!”

In our quest for an independent and fulfilling lifestyle, Vickie and I have discovered many truly inspirational podcasters and bloggers who have helped to guide us on our journey thus far.  While I must admit that Vickie is a more avid podcast listener than am I (I’m more of an email newsletter and forum digest reader), I do listen to my fair share.  Any time we are in the car together, you can be sure there’s a podcast playing.  Unless, of course, we’re heading for the gym…then it’s pump-up jams all the way, baby!

So here’s what all this has to do with my awesome day: yesterday was “Let Go Day”, and I was very fortunate to be a part of the celebration.  Okay, cool.  But what the heck is “Let Go Day”???  Here’s a little story.  Once upon a time there was a dude.  His name was Pat Flynn (it still is, actually).  Five years ago yesterday he was “let go” (aha…a clue!!) from his job in the architecture field.  Instead of pursuing another job in architecture, he chose, bravely, to march to his own trumpet instead of to someone else’s drums.  He plays the trumpet, so this makes total sense.

cover image for book Let Go, by Pat Flynn, passive income master and motivational speaker
Let Go, by Pat Flynn

Fast forward to now.  Five years along, and Pat’s written his first book titled — what else? —  Let Go.  Because it’s really no fun when someone tells you the whole plot of a really good story (kind of takes the wind out of your reading sails a bit), let’s just say that Pat’s journey since his personal “Let Go Day”  has been nothing short of amazing.  From his first passive income website, Green Exam Academy,  to ebooks, speaking engagements, webinars, a terrific podcast, and his plat de resistance, The Smart Passive Income Blog, Pat has accomplished so much.  In doing so — and here’s the really cool part — he has helped countless others (like Vickie and me!) to be on our way to the same independence and success.

Yesterday, on the first official, public “Let Go Day”, Pat hosted an online party of sorts, holding interviews with two of the most happening and helpful internet marketing gurus around (shouts out to Lewis Howes, the LinkedIn genius, and Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man), giving away goodies, answering audience questions, and introducing us to his wonderful family, including the pup!  A mind-blowing 2000+ people were in attendance and the chat room was humming. Pat was singing…but that’s a whole different story! : )

And would you like to know something truly amazing?  Even as we were all there to celebrate Pat’s big day, he was STILL (and quite unknowingly!) giving, giving, giving!  Not just gift cards and a really neato model DeLorean from Back to the Future Part II, but something much more precious to me and Vickie.  Just being in that space for two hours put me in touch with two local podcasters, Dan and Vanessa Hayes.  Their website and podcast, Simple Life Together, resonates with us on multiple levels, and just having contact with other local podcasters is a huge boon for us as we learn and grow in this new medium.

I’d like to take this opportunity, then, to encourage you to check out Pat Flynn’s new book, Let Go.  I can easily say that we owe much to Pat’s guidance and support, and celebrating his achievement by passing on his book to our readers is one small way in which we can both give back and pay it forward.  Keep on trumpeting, Pat!

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