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How Vegetarian Zen Came to Be

In February of 2013, after watching two disturbing and eye-opening films, Fat Sick & Nearly Deadand Vegucated we made the decision to become vegetarians.  It was a bit of a challenge at first, but one we accepted with happy hearts and open minds.

As we adjusted to our new lifestyle and shared our decision with family, friends and coworkers, we discovered we had many questions about living a vegetarian lifestyle. We realized that there is much more to being a vegetarian than simply not eating meat. Check out our FAQ to learn more about the questions we faced and some of the answers we uncovered.

At Vegetarian Zen we applaud, encourage and celebrate vegetarianism in any form, fashion or degree. Not a vegetarian? Not to worry…you’ll still find plenty of entertaining and helpful information about living a healthy lifestyle.


We belong to the following organizations:

San Antonio Vegetarian Society


We are:

Ambassadors for National Kale Day (see our profile here)


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6 thoughts on “About Vegetarian Zen

  1. Just want to say how much I enjoy your podcast. Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle has been central to my weight loss over the last year and I feel fantastic! I love the encouragement from your show!