Best Vegetarian and Vegan Magazines (Updated 2023)

best vegetarian and vegan magazines

There’s Still Nothing Like Picking Up a Good Magazine!

Books and the Internet aren’t the only way to learn about plant-based recipes and tips or cruelty-free products. Magazines can be great resources as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best vegetarian and vegan magazines available.

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Our Top 6 Vegetarian and Vegan Magazines!

1. VegNews

At the tip of our list of one of the best vegetarian and vegan magazines is VegNews. VegNews is a publication that quickly became a “go-to” for Larissa and me when we became vegetarians AND when we created the podcast! You can read more about when our vegetarian journey began here.

What we really like about this publication is that it provides diverse topics such as news, recipes, interviews, product reviews, and lifestyle topics.

VegNews is a quarterly publication that has both print and digital options available.

VegNews Magazine

VegNews provides the latest:

  • vegetarian news
  • health information
  • recipes galore
  • global events
  • new veg products
  • must-read books
  • celebrity buzz
  • and even vegetarian weddings

It's the premier veg lifestyle magazine.

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2. Forks Over Knives Magazine

When we became vegetarians in 2013, the Forks Over Knives documentary was one of the first films we watched. It helped us get off of the “junk food vegetarian” path and on track to eating healthier.

I was so inspired that I also took the Forks Over Knives Cooking class offered by Rouxbe. Check out My 5 Biggest Take-Aways from the Forks Over Knives Cooking Course for more info and a review.

Just like the film, the Forks Over Knives magazine offers health and nutrition information, delicious recipes, tips from experts, and real-life success stories for healthful, happy living.


3. Vegetarian Times Magazine

When Larissa and I first became vegetarians in 2013, the Vegetarian Times Magazine was one of our ultimate go-to guides for all things veg!

They used to have a print edition but most recently moved to online only with an ad-free premium option of $3.99 per month (as of 2019).

We LOVE that the recipes are “real” meaning that most of the ingredients can be bought in our local grocery store and that they look totally doable by anyone.

In addition to recipes, they also have articles for:

  • health
  • garden
  • gear
  • how-to

If you’re not interested in a subscription, they also have a great cookbook where you can get some of their best recipes!


4. Plantbased Magazine (Kindle)

A great resource for vegan recipes and meal ideas!

PlantBased magazine is the ultimate resource for vegan recipes. Their aim is to provide you with vegan meal ideas that are easy to follow and simple to cook; no matter your reasons for eating a plant-based diet – whether you’re meat reducing or vegan-curious – their delicious recipes can cater to every lifestyle.


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5. The Vegan Society Magazine

The Vegan Society magazine is a quarterly magazine that contains information such as:

  • vegan news
  • food
  • interviews
  • current issues
  • book reviews
  • recipes
  • raw foods
  • senior nutrition
  • vegan celeb news
  • vegan festivals and events


The magazine is a quarterly publication and also has an option to become a member of the Vegan Society. Membership includes a subscription to the publication along with over 120 discounts, access to the vegan community, and some extras.


6. Vegan Life Magazine

Vegan Life is a monthly magazine that covers recipes and all things vegan lifestyle to include products, travel, restaurants, health, and beauty.

Both print and online versions are available as well as an app where you can read the publication through Pocket Mags.


We hope this list of some of the best vegetarian and vegan magazines around today has provided you with some great periodicals to check out!

To listen to us discuss some of these periodicals check out episode 179 of our podcast below. Please note that the post for this accompanying podcast has been updated to provide you with the most recent information so some additional vegan and vegetarian magazines may be included which we did not discuss on the show. Thanks!

Looking for some more plant-based recipe “veg-spiration”? Check out these Forks Over Knives Cookbooks which are based on a powerful documentary.


If you’re looking to UP your cooking game even further, be sure to check out Rouxbe‘s Forks Over Knives cooking course. I graduated from this course in 2018. You can read my review here.

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