VZ 286: Are Fritos Vegan? (And Other Surprisingly Vegan And Non-Vegan Foods!)

are fritos vegan vegetarian zen podcast

Surprisingly Not Vegan Back in 2014 we did an episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast called “Foods that Seem Vegetarian But Are Not”. This topic recently had a lot of activity in our closed Facebook group, the Peas and Carrots Society so we decided it was time to take a second look. This time around we […]

VZ 285: The Mise En Place Mindset

mise en place

What the Heck is “Mise En Place”? Listeners of the podcast may recall that I completed the Forks Over Knives Online Cooking course earlier this year. If you haven’t checked out my review of the course, you can hear it in Episode 274: 5 Big Take-Aways from the Forks Over Knives Cooking Course. One of […]

VZ 284: 7 Amazing Benefits of Gratitude


The Benefits of Gratitude When was the last time someone did something kind for you that was unexpected yet greatly appreciated. Some examples might be: Your kids or spouse helped you with a task without you having to ask Someone let you into their lane during a traffic jam so that you didn’t miss your […]

VZ 283: Talking Turkey with Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary

adopt a turkey program farm sanctuary

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Farm Sanctuary…Website Around this time of year for the past few years, Larissa and I head out to the Farm Sanctuary website to sponsor a turkey through their Adopt A Turkey Project. An estimated 46 million turkeys are killed each year at Thanksgiving alone so […]

VZ 281: 10 Easy, Powerful Food Combining Tips that Actually Boost Your Health!

food combining tips that boost your health

How I Stumbled Across the Idea of Combining Certain Foods for Health Recently, while doing some research for one of our podcasts, I came across an article that mentioned the health benefits of combining turmeric and black pepper. I had recently begun incorporating turmeric in some of my cooking after learning about its health benefits […]

VZ 279: Cage-Free vs. Free-Range vs. Pasture-Raised Eggs : Demystifying Egg Labeling

egg carton food labeling

Demystifying Egg Labels As we’ve discussed many times on the show, food labeling needs a BIG TIME redo. Trying to decipher labels at the grocery store can be an exercise in frustration. Many companies intentionally try to mislead consumers, and the egg industry is no exception. Cage-free vs. free-range vs. pasture-raised? What do they all […]

VZ 278: Holistic Healing – Delicious Healing with Dr. Tumi Johnson

Holistic Healing Tumi Johnson

What is Holistic Healing? “Holistic healing” is still somewhat of a mystery to many people. Essentially it is an approach to health and wellness that considers humans as a “whole,” and seek to restore balance by taking into consideration all of the internal and external factors that affect us. Dr. Tumi Johnson – Holistic Medical […]

VZ 277: CBD Oil – What is It? Is it Legal? What are the Benefits and the Risks?

cbd oil

CBD Oil I’d heard about CBD oil but hadn’t really done much research into it until our dog, Cosmo, developed issues with his leg which may require surgery. As we do with any major decision (and some minor ones!),  Larissa and I are doing a lot of research about his condition, including treatment options, before […]

VZ 276: Fake Meats Are Making Some People Very Angry! Here’s Why

Fake Meats

Yes, Fake Meats are Making Some People Very Angry! Fake meats, yes they are actually making some people very angry! Why? I was really curious about this after having read some angry comments on a Tweet where someone shared a picture of a vegan brisket. While most of those comments were simply irrational people just […]

VZ 275: Vegan Athletes on The Rise! Crushing the Competition on a Plant Based Diet

Vegan Athletes on the Rise

The Number of Plant-Based Vegan Athletes is Growing! Recently there seems to be an explosion of the number of vegan athletes who are grabbing headlines by crushing the competition in their respective sports and who cite their vegan plant-based diets as significant competitive edge. In this episode of our podcast, we’re going to discuss this […]