VZ 284: 7 Amazing Benefits of Gratitude


The Benefits of Gratitude When was the last time someone did something kind for you that was unexpected yet greatly appreciated. Some examples might be: Your kids or spouse helped you with a task without you having to ask Someone let you into their lane during a traffic jam so that you didn’t miss your […]

VZ 278: Holistic Healing – Delicious Healing with Dr. Tumi Johnson

Holistic Healing Tumi Johnson

What is Holistic Healing? “Holistic healing” is still somewhat of a mystery to many people. Essentially it is an approach to health and wellness that considers humans as a “whole,” and seek to restore balance by taking into consideration all of the internal and external factors that affect us. Dr. Tumi Johnson – Holistic Medical […]

VZ 275: Vegan Athletes on The Rise! Crushing the Competition on a Plant Based Diet

Vegan Athletes on the Rise

The Number of Plant-Based Vegan Athletes is Growing! Recently there seems to be an explosion of the number of vegan athletes who are grabbing headlines by crushing the competition in their respective sports and who cite their vegan plant-based diets as significant competitive edge. In this episode of our podcast, we’re going to discuss this […]

VZ 274: 5 Big Take-Aways from the Forks Over Knives Cooking Course

forks over knives cooking course review

I Graduated from The Forks Over Knives Cooking Course! About 90 days ago, I started a new adventure by taking the Forks Over Knives Cooking course. I will admit I was a little nervous since I was not the primary cook in the house, but I knew we needed to improve our overall cooking skills. […]

VZ 267: 9 Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Vegetarian Zen Podcast Episode 267- 9 Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety Naturally https://vegetarianzen.com/267

If you are like most people, you can experience a fair amount of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Whether it be from your job, your kids, your spouse, or just what’s going on in the world today. We all deal with a certain amount of stress and can use some help to manage […]

VZ 217: Spotlight on the Peas and Carrots Society — Talking Yoga with Chris Bishop

Vegetarian zen podcast episode 217 - spotlight on the Peas and Carrots Society: Talking Yoga with chris bishop https://www.vegetarianzen.com

  Over the past couple of years our Facebook group, the Peas and Carrots Society, has grown into a vibrant, engaged community of amazing people. We’ve had so many interesting and inspiring discussions with members within the group, and we thought it would be fun to have some of those discussions on the podcast! In […]

VZ 185: The Power of Meditation

vegetarian zen podcast episode 185 - the Power of Meditation https://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we share some insights into the power of meditation with regard to both physical and mental health. We also give some tips for establishing a regular meditation practice–it’s not as difficult as you may think! Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the Vegetarian Zen […]

VZ 184: On Being Grateful

vegetarian zen podcast episode 184 - on being grateful https://www.vegetarianzen.com

  Did you know that adopting an attitude of gratitude can improve your quality of life?  Being grateful can boost your physical, mental, and emotional health; change the way others perceive you, and make you more successful in your personal and professional relationships. And expressing that gratitude to others around you will make them feel […]

VZ 167: Restrictive Eating and a Vegetarian Lifestyle

vegetarian zen podcast episode 167 - restrictive eating and a vegetarian lifestyle https://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In today’s episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we’re going to talk about something that is very close to us…the problems associated with restrictive eating. While not technically classified as an eating disorder, restrictive eating can be very damaging and very hard to address and overcome.  Vickie will share some personal experiences, as well […]

VZ 165: The Importance of Having a Strong Social Support System

vegetarian zen podcast episode 165 - the importance of having a strong social support system https://www.vegetarianzen.com

  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we discuss the importance of having a strong support system, whether it is for your lifestyle choices, a chronic illness, emotional issues, or any other issue that might be important to you. In this day and age, it is very easy to find support online, and […]