Vegan Barbecue Sauce Recipe

vegan barbecue sauce

This recipe gives you all the tangy goodness of barbecue sauce without the additives, preservatives, GMOs and high fructose corn syrup found in most commercial bottled sauces.  Use organic, non-GMO ketchup to keep it as natural as possible.

We like to use this as a dipping sauce for Quorn Chik’n Nuggets.  It would also taste great brushed on veggie burgers or riblets on the grill, or even on veggie loaf, just to give you a few ideas.

We also have a non-vegan version of this recipe: Barbecue Sauce.

Mini Vegan Orange Muffins Recipe

mini vegan orange muffins recipe

Fresh-squeezed orange juice AND grated orange peel?  Oh, yeah! These muffins are light, moist and super-orangey.

Their miniature size makes them the perfect on-the-go snack.  Pile them on a plate to take to a book club meeting or mom’s meetup.  Great for kids’ lunches and after-school snacks, too.

What’s not to love about these little gems?

NOTE: To make a non-vegan version of these mini orange muffins, see the ingredient substitutions in the notes below the recipe.

(Recipe inspired by Orange Tea Cakes on

Chile-Lime Tortilla Chips Recipe

chile-lime tortilla chips

I like to take the little bit of extra time to make these when I can because they just taste so fresh and crispy.  You can adjust the amount of chili powder and lime juice to suit your tastes.  If you don’t care for the chili-lime flavor, you can leave it off or use other seasonings, such as cumin, garlic powder or even Italian seasonings, instead.

Vegan Ginger Muffins Recipe

vegan ginger muffins

When I was growing up, my mom made ginger muffins on Sunday mornings.  They were wonderful, like having little personal gingerbreads.  Now I make them…vegan!

Not only are these vegan ginger muffins awesome for Saturday or Sunday brunch, they also freeze and reheat wonderfully.  To freeze, wrap muffins in plastic wrap or freezer paper and place in a resealable plastic bag or container.

For muffins that taste fresh-baked, simply bring frozen muffins to room temperature, wrap them in foil and place in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.


Vegan Oatmeal Muffins Recipe

vegan oatmeal muffins

These tasty muffins prove that there’s more than one way to eat your oatmeal.  They are very filling, with a satisfying combination of cakey moistness and whole-oatmeal crunch.  Serve warm with some Earth Balance spread and organic preserves (think farmer’s market!) for a real treat.

Vegan Chocolate Icebox Pie Recipe

vegan chocolate icebox pie

Oh. my. goodness.  Chocolate icebox pie…and it’s vegan!  The crust is unbelievably flaky and tender.  The filling is a little bit labor-intensive, but totally worth it.  It uses Ener-G egg replacer instead of egg yolks, Earth Balance vegan margarine instead of butter, and soy milk instead of dairy milk.

The two teaspoons of vanilla give the filling a lovely chocolate/vanilla balance, but if you’re not overly fond of the vanilla flavor, you can omit one teaspoon.

Serve as is, or top with vegan whipped cream for an extra treat.

(Recipe inspired by Chocolate Cream Pie! on

Colcannon Recipe


A traditional Irish dish of potatoes and kale, colcannon is the perfect comfort food that packs a kale-based nutritional punch.  This recipe calls for butter, but for vegan cuisine, you can easily substitute Earth Balance buttery sticks.  It is best to mash the potatoes with a hand masher rather than an electric blender.  This will help you keep them chunky, as well as prevent the kale from getting wrapped around the beaters.

Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

cinnamon sugar roasted chickpeas

One cup of chickpeas has 39 grams of protein, making these tasty roasted legumes a nice mid-morning or afternoon power boost.  You can easily adjust their sweetness to your liking by varying the amount of sugar used to coat the chickpeas after roasting them.

I enjoy these roasted chickpeas so much, the first time I made them the amount that made it to the jar to save for later was way less than what came out of the oven!

Adapted from Honey Roasted Cinnamon Chickpeas on

Tofu Ricotta Recipe

tofu ricotta

Use this tofu “ricotta” as a filler for lovely lasagnas (such as our own Vegetarian Lasagna with Vegan Options), tempting tortellini and ridiculously-tasty ravioli.  The flavors blend together wonderfully in order to ensure that your vegan dishes are just as delicious (if not more so!) than their non-vegan counterparts.

Makes approximately 1 1/2 cups.

(Adapted from Chef Scot J. Jones’ Vegan Ricotta Cheese Substitute Recipe on

Vegan Zucchini Brownies Recipe

vegan zucchini brownies

Yes, these chocolatey, cake-like brownies are vegan, but the non-vegans in your life will never know unless you spill the beans.  In place of the 3-plus eggs found in most traditional brownies, this recipes uses a winning combination of unsweetened applesauce and silken tofu.

And wait…what?  There’s zucchini in there?? No way! (Way.)