VZ 276: Fake Meats Are Making Some People Very Angry! Here’s Why

Yes, Fake Meats are Making Some People Very Angry!

Fake meats, yes they are actually making some people very angry! Why? I was really curious about this after having read some angry comments on a Tweet where someone shared a picture of a vegan brisket. While most of those comments were simply irrational people just looking to argue, I really wanted to know why something as simple as a fake brisket could spark such outrage. In this episode, we’ll share four primary criticisms along with a few speaking points should you ever find yourself in need of explaining fake meat to anyone….not that you need to!

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Fake Meats

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5 thoughts on “VZ 276: Fake Meats Are Making Some People Very Angry! Here’s Why

  1. Regarding faux meats. I don’t eat a lot of them because I really do prefer real veggies, grains and legumes etc. That said, I like the “beyond sausage” very much even though I do not like the “beyond burger” at all.”Beyond sausage” on a grilled hotdog roll with sauerkraut is my favorite beach cookout lunch. I enjoy your podcast and wish you both all the best

    • Thank you for your comment and kind words, Michele! We agree in that we don’t eat a whole lot of faux meats ourselves. The real deal as far as whole food plant based foods are the BEST! Like you, there are certain Beyond Meat products we prefer over others. It’s nice to have options! Thanks again for your comment!

  2. I’m not anti-fake meat but I have found only a few that I like. The Beyond Meat burgers are the absolute best.

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