Lindsey White of Chickens Matter Chicken Rescue

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Chickens Matter Chicken Rescue

Did you know that May is International Respect for Chickens month? We didn’t know that either until we talked in-depth with rescuer  Lindsey White of Lindsey tells her moving story of how she transitioned from a farmer to rescuer.

You’ll hear stories of some of her most challenging rescues and get to know some of the personalities of the animals she cares for.

Some additional facts:

  • Chickens can distinguish among more than 100 faces of members of their species. They can also recognize people, as Lindsey explains.
  • Contrary to commonly spread misinformation, chickens feel pain and distress.
  • Chickens form a social structure among themselves. This is where the phrase, “pecking order” originates.
  • The natural lifespan of a chicken is between five and eleven years. Sadly, most birds raised for food only live 41 days before being slaughtered. They are pumped with hormones to grow quickly.


UPDATE: Due to personal reasons, Lindsey has stepped away from so the links to website have been removed.




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