Course: Beverages

Stress Less Smoothie Recipe

Wondering why this green smoothie is called “Stress Less”?  Not sure how drinking a delicious smoothie may help you to chill?   Let’s take a look: Potassium in bananas and avocados helps to reduce blood pressure. Soybeans and dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and chard contain magnesium, which can help to combat headaches & fatigue …

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Summer Spirulina Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a quick energy boost in a nice, refreshing beverage?  Try this Summer Spirulina  Smoothie.  Spirulina, a beneficial bacteria used as a nutritional supplement, is a complete protein and an awesome source of energy.  Kale, spinach and strawberries all contain immune-boosting antioxidants, bananas are a great potassium source, and flax seed contains omega-3 essential …

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