Food and Mood (VZ 18)

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It’s all too easy to blame our moods on purely external circumstances beyond our control. A bad day at the office caused you to be irritable. You’re tired because you didn’t sleep well last night, or maybe you’re just bored.  Even positive moods are generally thought to be caused by things that happen to us rather than by what we put in our bodies.


Of course, while external factors can and do affect mood on a regular basis, it is undeniable that the things we eat and drink play important roles as well.  A poor relationship with a co-worker, a long day or a poor night’s sleep, or a winning hand in poker may contribute to grumpy, tired, or happy and energized moods, but so can too little magnesium, too much sugar, or a good dose of caffeine.


In this episode, we discuss some of the components in foods that may positively and negatively affect mood.  While these are not hard and fast rules for regulating mood, we attempt to provide a basic background of the subject and some general things to be aware of.


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Here’s what we mention in this episode:


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