Healing Disordered Eating with Holistic Health Coach Cara Cifelli

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Disordered eating is prevalent in our society. Women in particular are susceptible to experiencing “complicated” relationships with food.  In fact, approximately 91% of women in the United States say that they are unhappy with their bodies.

In this episode of our podcast, we speak to holistic health coach Cara Cifelli about both her own struggles and ours. Cara discusses how she coaches both men and women dealing with the same issues with food.


Who is Cara Cifelli?


cara cifelli disordered eating coach


Cara is a Certified Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, chef, author, podcast host, and avocado toast lover. 

She passionately provides the tools to help women leave behind dieting, disordered eating, and body shame so they can show up more fully in all areas of their life.

She inspires others to leave behind society’s expectations as she guides them into their most confident and vibrant versions of themselves. This self-taught chef learned how to love food again as she was recovering from an eating disorder that she struggled with for 10 years. She touches on this in her new book, Vegan Buddha Bowls.

Cara took her daily pain and struggle and turned it into her life’s work. She quickly learned how easy and exciting healthy eating could be and wanted to share her discoveries with others. 


Highlights of Our Discussion with Cara

  • Cara’s work with people healing from eating disorders
  • Vickie’s struggle with disordered eating
  • The dangers of relying completely on external tools and resources to tell us what our bodies need
  • Larissa’s struggle with sugar addiction and what her body might really be telling her
  • Cara’s new book, Vegan Buddha Bowls

Children are the original intuitive eaters. We all pop out of the womb being deeply connected to our hunger and fullness cues.  All of us have this woven into us. It’s our default setting. Dieting actually disconnects us from that default setting, which is being really deeply connected to our intuition around food. So, it makes perfect sense that you both had mentioned that it was way less complicated when you were young. – Cara Cifelli


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Vickie and Larissa

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