Holistic Healing – Delicious Healing with Dr. Tumi Johnson

What is Holistic Healing?

“Holistic healing” is still somewhat of a mystery to many people. Essentially it is an approach to health and wellness that considers humans as a “whole,” and seek to restore balance by taking into consideration all of the internal and external factors that affect us.



Dr. Tumi Johnson – Holistic Medical Doctor

In this episode, we interview Dr. Tumi Johnson, an Integrative Holistic medical doctor. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and is also a diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Johnson graduated from Vanderbilt University Medical School, receiving the honor of her school’s Kaufman Prize in Medicine for “humaneness and unselfish service in medicine. ”  She completed her medical residency at NYU with a focus in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, receiving special training in psychosocial health care at that time.

As a physician, Dr. Johnson has worked in many clinical settings. She was made Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU in 2011.  A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she also has expertise in nutrition with past experience running a weight management clinic in New York and serving in West Africa with Doctors without Borders to oversee nutrition clinics. She has also done medical volunteer work in the Amazon, Haiti, and Kenya, among other places.


Dr. Johnson has been a consistent yoga practitioner for over 20 years and completed yoga teacher training with YogaWorks in 2012.  Additionally, she is a dancer and creates and performs her healing poem-dances around the world. These dances are crafted and performed by Dr. Johnson with the intention of supporting the healing processes of whoever watches/witnesses the movement.


In this interview we discuss:

  • Dr. Johnson’s personal story of overcoming disordered eating and depression through the healing powers of the mind/body connection.
  • Her disenchantment with our current unhealthy medical system and its reliance on conventional medicine that doesn’t take into account our overall health.
  • Why more doctors aren’t seeking out a more holistic approach to physical illness and mental health and still rely solely on conventional medication.
  • How we can turn exercise into a playful movement that doesn’t seem like a chore.
  • Dr. Johnson’s three-point approach to health, which includes diagnostic medicine, nutrition, and yoga/mindful movement.
  • The importance of a natural whole foods diet. “The further people are away from a natural whole foods diet, the sicker they are.”
  • How to honor and release your emotions.


Doctor Johnson is someone we easily connected with. Her “no-judgment” demeanor made her extremely approachable. We seriously could have talked to her for hours!


Where to Find Dr. Johnson:

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