3 Terrific Reasons I Love Juicing!

How Our Adventure in Juicing Began

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In January 2013, Larissa and I spent a casual Sunday afternoon making jewelry and watching movies. Little did we know that two documentaries we watched that day would lead us to some major life changes.  Watching Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and Vegucated would be both the last thing we did as omnivores as well as our first act as vegetarians.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead documents the story of Joe Cross, who was a hundred pounds overweight and suffered from a chronic skin disorder.  As a last-ditch effort to save his life, Cross undertook a 60-day juice fast which led to him shedding his excess weight and essentially curing his skin condition.

After watching this film, Larissa and I became very interested in incorporating juicing into our diets. We purchased an Omega Juicer and Farnoosh Brock’s The Healthy Juicer’s Bible and quickly became regular juicers.  

As a side note, we also interviewed Farnoosh in episode 49 of our podcast so be sure to check that out!

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The Top 3 Reasons Why I LOVE Juicing!

1. Fresh Juice Gives You An Energy Boost!

Unlike caffeine or refined sugar, juicing provides a quick energy boost without the jitters.  Be certain not to juice high sugar fruits exclusively, but if you balance between greens and fruits you’re sure to have a great pick-me-up!

i love juicing because it gives me energy

2. Fresh Juices is Good for You!

This might be partly psychological, but after drinking a tall glass of fresh juice, I swear I can feel all those good nutrients being absorbed into my cells. 

Some studies show that the best way to ensure your body gets the most out of your juice is to drink it before a meal. That makes sense to me, but be careful that your body has adjusted to regular juicing. You might experience some nausea if you’re not used to it and as per reason number one, above, be careful not to overload on sugar.

bugs bunny flexing

3. Juicing is Fun!

When Larissa asks if she can make me a juice, my answer is usually, “No thanks, I’ll get it!” The reason is that juicing is fun!  Once you have a basic understanding of which fruits and veggies go well together, it’s fun to experiment with different recipes. It appeals to both the artist and chef in me!   For more information about the differences between juicing and smoothies, please check out our juicing podcast, “Juice It Up!

glasses of juice with berries

So there you have it! These are the top 3 reasons why I LOVE juicing!  If you’re looking for some ways to get started with juicing, check out these resources that include some great healthy recipes! 


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