Imperfect Produce and Meal Prep with Melissa Grove

red tomato beside pile of orange carrots from imperfect produce

A few weeks ago, we did a live Facebook video just to chat with folks in the Peas and Carrots Society (our closed Facebook group). One of the participants in that chat, Melissa Grove, mentioned that she uses Imperfect Produce, a fresh produce subscription service that offers perfectly good, although slightly irregular, fruits and vegetables.

Because several other group members use Imperfect Produce (and we’ve been wanting to try it), and because the best recommendations for products and services come from our Vegetarian Zen community, we asked Melissa to come on the show to share her Imperfect Produce experience. 


Meal Prep and Batch Cooking Tips from Melissa!

As a bonus to our discussion, Melissa shared some great meal prep and batch cooking tips. Since her husband isn’t such a fan of vegetables, she essentially cooks for one. Whether you’re an Imperfect Produce customer or not, you’ll still appreciate the expert batch cooking and meal prep tips provided by Melissa!


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