The Art of Intarsia with Sherri Lewis of Sundog Wood Murals (VZ 298)

Intarsia, Baby Rhinos, and Baby Elephants!

We’ve made it a goal for 2019 to share more interviews with members of our Vegetarian Zen community. This week we are happy to welcome artist Sherri Lewis to share her wonderful art and insights with us. Sherri is a woodworker who creates amazing pieces using a technique called intarsia (she’ll explain all about it shortly).


Her art is inspired by a truly worthy cause…the plight of wild elephants and rhinos, whose numbers are dwindling quickly due to poaching. We talk to Sherri about her love of woodworking, her commitment to protecting these wild animals, and the techniques of creating her pieces (including using reclaimed/upcycled wood!).  


Please be sure to check out Sherri’s site, Sundog Wood Murals and like her page on Facebook!



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