Lose the Workout Blues: 3 Tips to Set Your Sneakers on Fire

workout shoe on fire
Set Your Sneakers on Fire!

People often ask me how I stay so motivated for my workouts.   I love exercising but I recognize that I am probably in the minority when it comes to that.  There are a few things I do consistently that I think help me to feel pumped up and ready to go.

Here are my top 3 a learn from Coast2Coast Richmond Hill:

1) Act as if.  While I enjoy exercise most of the time, I don’t always feel like working out.  Contrary to popular belief,  griping about it isn’t going to help.  Common locker room gripes include things like, “I REALLY don’t want to be here today”, “I am so tired and this is just going to make me feel worse”, and even “Thank goodness that is FINALLY over!”.

Instead of getting sucked into these types of thought patterns, I prepare myself by “talking the talk” before I “walk the walk”.  By this I mean that I try to never speak negatively about my workouts.  Even if I’m not necessarily “feeling it”, I try to talk and act as if I am totally stoked and ready to go.  This helps me get my head in the game, and the majority of the time my body is happy to follow.

2) Keep it fresh! Change up your workouts. Throw in new exercises. If you do this you’re sure to feel you have the best home gym 2019 has to offer! The treadmill, stair climber, and bike are good pieces of exercise equipment but if you do only that 4 times a week, you’ll bore yourself to death! If you’re finding it difficult to get creative, try doing 5 minute intervals on each. On the flipside, if you feel your stamina dwindling, you can allow yourself some supplements like lean natural testosterone booster which give you a boost and ward away lethargy.

There are some awesome iPhone apps and several are even free (or have free versions if you don’t mind a few ads).  Some of the ones I’ve used are:

  • Spin Class
  • Seconds Pro
  • Nike Running
  • Fitness Buddy
  • Workout Timer
  • You Are Your Own Gym

YouTube also hosts many videos with either full workouts or ideas for individual exercise you can work into your routine.  Today, as a matter of fact, I pulled a few new exercises from one video that provided me with an entirely new workout!

3) Change Up That Music! Most people like listening to music during their workouts. If you are one of those people, make sure you switch up your playlists or buy yourself new songs as rewards for completing a certain number of workouts or reaching a fitness goal.  Even one new song in an old playlist can spice up your workout!

These are some tips I have for keeping myself motivated. We would love to hear some of yours, so please share below or on our Vegetarian Zen Facebook page!

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