Why We STILL Love Our Omega VRT350 Masticating Juicer!

Omega VRT350 Masticating Juicer


Easy of Assembly


Ease of Cleaning


Ease of Use


Juice Quality/ Taste


Space Efficient



  • Instructions and setup easy to follow
  • Fine and Coarse Juicing Screen for Pulp Control
  • Juice Quality/ Taste
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Space Efficient


  • Heavy Appliance
  • Cleaning Isn't Super Easy
  • Price Point

omega vrt350 juicer review

One of the very first kitchen appliances we purchased when we became vegetarians in 2013 was a brand new high-quality juicer, our Omega VRT350.

We were inspired to purchase a juicer after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

In the film, an Aussie named Joe Cross put himself on a 60-day juice fast and traveled the US from coast to coast sharing his experience with everyone he met along the way.

While we were not inspired to go sixty days on juice alone as Joe did, the film did impress upon us the incredible benefits of adding juices made from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to our diet.  And so our quest for the perfect juicer began…

As neither of us is the type to make major purchases lightly, Vickie conducted two weeks of really thorough research (including creating a comparison spreadsheet!).

By the end of it all, she had found a handful of 4- and 5-star-reviewed juicers, but we decided that the Omega Juicer was the one for us.

Omega Vertical Low Speed Juicer, 150-Watt
  • The patented screw design of the auger squeezes your fruits and veggies to help make sure you get the most out of them.
  • The hopper is conveniently located at the top of the juicer.
  • The VRT comes with a pusher to make it easy to push ingredients into the juicer.
  • Very easy to assemble!
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And now we’d like to share our little bundle of juicer joy with you!  In writing the review we essentially wrote down all of the questions we would ask someone who already owned this model and then answered them ourselves.

We hope you find this review as beneficial as we find our Omega VRT350 juicer!



Q: Was the juicer packed well for shipping?

A: Yes.


Q: Was it easy to unbox?

A: Yes.


Q: Were the assembly instructions easy to read and understand?

A: Yes.


Q: Were all parts of the juicer clearly labeled?

A: Yes.


Q: Does it assemble smoothly? (nothing too tight/loose, etc)

A: There was a little bit of a trick to getting the auger properly aligned into the strainer the first time or two, but once you figure it out it’s not a problem.



Q: Are the instructions for use easy to understand and follow?

A: yes.


Q: Is the fruit/vegetable chute wide enough?

A: Large or thick pieces of fruits and vegetables need to be cut in half (or more) in order to fit well and not jam the auger assembly.  It is not necessary to cut into small pieces, so prep time is still minimal.



Q: Do the parts come apart easily?

A: It took a little practice to learn the best way to remove the main assembly from the base. It needs to be turned counterclockwise and it is hard to get a good grip on it.  We discovered that holding the base with one hand and grasping the assembly at the top edge to turn it, it comes off easily.



Q: Are there small spaces that are hard to get clean?

A: The chute for the pulp and the spout for the juice is narrow. It can be a challenge to get a regular sponge or dishcloth in for cleaning, but the brush that is included fits into both the chute and spout.

The cleaning tool also has a flattened end (resembling a flathead screwdriver) that fits into the groove on the underside of the auger.


Q: Are the juicer parts dishwasher-safe?

A: Omega does not recommend that any of the parts be placed in the dishwasher.



Both the quality and quantity of juice are DEFINITELY better than that of our old juicer.

The pulp that is extruded from the machine is very dry in comparison with our old juicer, which produced a wet sludge.  This means that the quantity of juice is considerably greater since more is being squeezed from the veggies and fruit.

Juice consumed immediately after juicing is extremely flavorful. For the juice to remain fresh-tasting longer, it should be stored in a glass container with a lid (we use a canning jar) in the refrigerator.  Even after 24 hours, the juice still retains good flavor (a good shake or stir is in order before drinking, though).

Omega states that juices should remain fine for about 72 hours. Honestly, we limit ours to about 24 hours. The quality does start to noticeably fade after a day.


We hope you found this review helpful. For more reviews check out our product review page.

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