Our Gronomics Raised Garden Beds (with Assembly Instructions and Pics!)

When we decided to start a garden in our backyard, we knew we wanted a raised garden bed. We have 2 large dogs and wanted to be sure the garden was safe and that they were safe too!


After some research, we decided on the Gronomics garden boxes.  These were simple boxes that seemed to be perfect for the herb garden we wanted to plant.


For more info on how I planted the herb garden, you can check out this post, How I Created My Elevated Organic Herb Garden.  For now though, let’s get to assembling the garden boxes!


What Size Garden Box Should I Get?

The size we decided on was the Gronomics 24x48x30″ Rustic Elevated Garden Bedir?t=vegezen 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006MRE8LM.


raised garden bed


At 24 inches wide and 48 inches long, and with a 10″ growing depth, seemed to me the perfect container for my new herb garden.  The total height of the bed is 30 inches (it stands on legs), and fits perfectly under our living room window in the backyard.


Putting it Together

Okay, now for the fun part…assembling my garden so that I can fill it with leafy, tasty treats.  I must admit I was a tad skeptical about Gronomics’ claim of “Tool Free Assembly”.  I mean, I knew from the product description that the pieces were dovetailed or notched, thus eliminating the need for screws or nails.  Still, I grabbed my trusty rubber mallet, figuring that I’d at least find myself pounding stubborn pins and notches into submission.


As I opened the box, I had the pleasure of a nice. refreshing, makes-me-want-to-be-outside-and-grow-stuff whiff of cedar.  Intoxicating.  The box was heavy (poor delivery guy!), so I ended up just leaving it in the garage and carrying the boards out to the yard a few at a time.  Since I knew I’d be writing a how-to blog, I made them line up nicely and pose for a picture first:


Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed unassembled
Out of the Box


The garden bed came with a simple-to-follow two-page instruction sheet (which is also available as a PDF on their website here).  After I checked to make sure all of the parts were there, I was ready to go…


The first two steps involved assembling the long sides (basically just standing up two legs and sliding a long board down into the grooves to connect them).  Repeat with the other two legs and long board and you’re already halfway to having the bottom of the frame assembled!  The only thing to pay attention to here (aside from possible splinters!) is that you position the legs correctly so that the grooves face the right way.


Gronomics Elevated Garden Box - First long side assembled
First Long Side


Next, stand up the two long sides and use one short board on each end to join them, forming the bottom of the rectangular frame:

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed Frame Assembled
Bottom of Frame Assembled


Slide the remaining two long boards and two short boards down into the grooves on top of the first ones to complete the height of the sides:



Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed Frame
Assembled Frame


Installing the Bottom of the Box

For the box bottom, locate the two bottom panels that have notches cut in two corners; these will rest on either end of the bottom, next to the legs:

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Bottom Corner Board
Bottom Corner Board


Space the remaining bottom panels evenly along the support rails at the bottom of the long side panels. There will be a little space between each panel, which is necessary for proper drainage:


Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Bottom Boards
Bottom Boards


Close-up of Bottom Board Spacing
Close-up of Bottom Board Spacing


Whew! Almost Done!

Almost done…and hopefully no splinters so far!  The next couple of steps involve adding the top caps to the legs.  First, remove the black plastic caps covering the screws on the tops of the legs:

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Plastic Screw Covers
Plastic Screw Caps
Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Screw Cap Removal
Remove Plastic Screw Caps


Next, position a cap on top of one of the legs with the screw hole centered over the screw.

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Post Cap
Underside of Post Cap


Now, just twist!  Be careful not to over-tighten; the wood is so pretty, you don’t want it to split.

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Twist Post Cap On
Twist and……


Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Post Cap
All capped and ready to go!


Once you’re ready to add soil and get to planting, lay down the black liner in the bottom of the bed.

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Bed Liner
Lay Down the Bed Liner Before Adding Soil


Now, step back, pat yourself on the back and admire your work!

Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed - Completely Assembled
My Beautiful Gronomics 24x48x30″ Rustic Elevated Garden Bedir?t=vegezen 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006MRE8LM


If you have any questions about my garden or need some help with yours, please let us know via our contact form! We are always happy to help. Happy gardening!

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