A Review of the PlantPure Nation Movie (VZ 119)

PlantPure Nation


We were fortunate to be able to attend a screening of the documentary PlantPure Nation this past week. The film was directed by Nelson Campbell, son of renowned researcher and whole-plant-foods advocate T. Colin Campbell.  As Campbell (the younger) explains, PlantPure Nation is a grass-roots movement aimed at changing the way America eats by educating consumers, putting control over food production back into the hands of small farmers, and forcing government and agribusinesses to acknowledge the benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet and accept change.


In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we talk about our impressions of the film, and about ways, we all can contribute to the PlantPure movement.

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Our system is about gaining wealth for the few, at the expense of the health of the many.

— T. Colin Campbell

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