Quantum Shift with Creator, Producer, Director Kiko Ellsworth

kiko ellsworth

In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we are pleased to welcome Kiko Ellsworth. 

Kiko is an Emmy award-winning actor, producer, and director who has appeared in hundreds of television shows, films, and commercials. The story of how he became the person he is today is inspiring. Kiko is very passionate about veganism and about leading a holistic, cruelty-free lifestyle.

Kiko also speaks to us about an event, Evolving Men of Color, taking place on January 16, 2021. All proceeds from this event will benefit youth of color in South Los Angeles.



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Who is Kiko Ellsworth?

kiko ellsworth

Kiko is an Emmy award-winning actor, producer, and director who has appeared in hundreds of television episodes, films, and commercials.

Several years ago he walked away from the entertainment industry to build a more fulfilling life for
himself. He’s now a Kundalini Yoga teacher and men’s evolutionary life coach. He also teaches women self-defense and is the founder of an online school called Ma’at University. Kiko is passionate about plant-based eating and about helping those who are disadvantaged.

He’s a soulful, animated, and dynamic speaker whether he’s speaking to thousands of people on stage or one-on-one.

For I know that on that celebratory day, I will get to review the landscape of the life I’ve lived. Therefore, I choose to live righteously as best as I can. – Kiko Ellsworth


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Peace and Veggies,
Vickie and Larissa


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