The Secrets of Successful Batch Cooking With Stephanie Dreyer

batch cooking with stephanie dreyer

Batch cooking can be challenging to get started, and even harder to stick with.

Larissa and I have had an on-again-off-again relationship with batch cooking. When we’re “on,” we can definitely tell a positive difference in how we stick to our goals of eating healthier (i.e., less processed food). When we’re “off,” we tend to go back to bad habits like eating processed foods or takeout meals.

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we’re pleased to welcome plant-based meal planning and batch cooking expert, Stephanie Dreyer. Stephanie shares some of her secrets to help you get started and stay consistent with batch cooking. You can listen to the podcast here or read on for a quick summary.


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Who is Stephanie Dreyer?

Stephanie Dreyer is a plant-based meal planning expert and the founder of Batch Cooking Club™, a weekly vegan meal prep membership that makes mealtime easier. She’s affectionately known as VeegMama on her social media feeds, where she shares cooking videos, meal planning tips, recipes, and more.

Stephanie is also the award-winning author of the vegan picture books Not A Nugget and Not A Purse (both available on Amazon). She has been featured in VegNews and Chickpea Magazine and has contributed to several popular media outlets including The Los Angeles Times, Parade, World of Vegan, VegNews, and Men’s Journal.

Tips for Families with Mixed Eating Preferences

1. Setup Ground Rules

Communication is important in so many situations, but it’s REALLY important when you are living in a household where not everyone has the same eating preferences.

Communicate with your family and set boundaries for everyone and respect each other’s choices. Compassion starts at home!


2. Lead by Example

When you live your life joyfully, you set an example for others. Trying to force others to make changes rarely changes anything. Lead by example!


3. Find DIY Meal Options for the Whole Family

Look for recipes that allow your family members to make modifications based on tastes and eating preferences. A great example is a taco bar with a variety of meat and veggie options.


Secrets of Successful Batch Cooking

Here are just a few of the tips Stephanie shared in our interview.

1. Have a standard time to plan your meals. Schedule it!

Note what you need to batch cook and make your grocery list at the same time.

2. Don’t spend 5 hours in the kitchen

Plan at most 1.5 to 2 hours for batch cooking. Make 4-6 items you can use throughout the week.

3. Plan batch cooking so you’re always active and efficient

Create a game plan so you’re doing something while something else is going.

4. Keep a well-stocked pantry

A well-stocked pantry helps ensure that you don’t run into roadblocks while cooking. It also gives you plenty of options.

Batch cooking should work for you, not make more work for you. -Stephanie Dreyer

We hope this has provided you with some helpful tips to get you started and keep you consistent with batch cooking. Stephanie really helped motivate us and we hope she motivates you as well!

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