Sprouting: What It Is And Why You Should Be Doing It with Doug Evans

doug evans author of the sprouting book

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we are pleased to welcome Doug Evans, an entrepreneur and early pioneer in the natural food industry.

In his new book, The Sprout Book, Doug talks all about sprouts and how we can tap into the power of the planet’s most nutritious foods.

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Who is Doug Evans?

Doug Evans has been a pioneer in the plant-based health movement for over twenty years. He co-founded Organic Avenue and founded of Juicero.  

He has been channeling the power of sprouts and has shared his transformative plans for sprouting in The Sprout Book. He has advised tens of thousands of people on the ancient wisdom of sprouts as a food source. 

The Sprout Book: Tap into the Power of the Planet's Most Nutritious Food

The Sprout Book is a transformative plan to empower readers to embark on a plant-based way of eating that’s low-cost and accessible. 

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Currently living in the California desert, Doug sprouts daily and grows a majority of his food in his own countertop garden. He is creating a radical shift in wellness through his discussion of growing sprouts and their healing benefits. 

This nutritious revolution is accessible, affordable, and can be done in anywhere from luxury kitchens to camper vans. Doug encourages others to achieve their greatest health potential by taking control of how and what they are consuming.


You Can Find Doug At:

The Sprout Book (website)

The Sprout Book (IG)

Doug Evans (IG)

Doug Evans (Twitter)


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