Taste Tests: The Science of Simple Healthier Desserts with Samita Sarkar

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Like many people, I have a STACK of cookbooks in my kitchen. While many are good, few are quite as unique as Samita Sarkar’s vegan dessert cookbook, Taste Tests: The Science of Simple Healthier Desserts.


Taste Tests: The Science of Simple Healthier Desserts with Samita Sarkar
  • A book of over 50 easy-to-follow, completely vegan recipes to help people who are new to dessert preparation get a grasp on the basics.
  • This includes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and even homemade icing. Because baking is just as much a science as an art, the book also includes short, digestible scientific tidbits explaining the chemistry of the recipes and the ingredients, and why they react the way that they do.
  • Enjoy the taste tests!
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What makes Samita Sarkar’s book so different you ask?

Well, not only am I a sucker for a great vegan dessert  but I am also a sucker for learning! Unlike many cookbooks that are simply packed with a lot of recipes (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Taste Tests, The Science of Simple Healthier Desserts explains some of the science behind why certain ingredients are better together.

This concept was very reminiscent of what I learned in my Forks Over Knives cooking class. Like the class, I really appreciated learning the magic behind the recipes because it encourages me to experiment on my own.

“I wrote this book for those readers, who, like me, are looking for recipes with steps that are easy to follow and don’t require a trip to a health food store. I also wrote it for people who may want to indulge in cakes and other desserts without worrying about the high fat and sugar content. Or people who are simply curious about what is happening when their cake batter rises.” -Samita Sarkar


Not Down with the Science? No Problem!

Science aside, the book is loaded with some great recipes that are easy to make and is sure to please vegans and omnivores alike.

Taste Tests contains over 50 easy-to-follow, 100% vegan recipes, so baking newbies of all ages can get a grasp on the basics of dessert preparation. Most of her desserts are made with fewer than 10 ingredients, and many without any refined sugars at all.



To learn more about Samita Sarkar, and her book, check out our interview with her!

Samita Sarkar, a vegan baking teacher and the daughter of two chemistry PhDs, wrote Taste Tests after noticing that many so-called “healthy” dessert recipes still contained a surprising amount of refined sugar, fat, and eggs. Tapping into her science background, she was able to substantially reduce the amount of these ingredients in traditional dessert recipes while still producing sweet and delicious pastries, cookies, and cakes.

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