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There’s a Whole New World of Vegan Clothing!

When we first became vegetarians 5 years ago, vegan clothing was VERY different than it is today. The offerings were very slim and, quite honestly, not that attractive.  Back in episode 180 of our podcast (Nov 2016) we published an episode titled, “All about Vegan Fashion”. However, over the years, much like the trends we’ve seen in plant-based foods, there is a growing demand for clothing, furniture, and other products that are made without any animal products. That means, a LOT has changed since November 2016!


In today’s episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we discuss:

  • What “Vegan clothing” is, for those who may be new to the concept
  • Some reasons vegan clothing is on the rise today
  • Some brands that are exclusively vegan or have vegan offerings



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