Tyler Mayoras and the Making of Cool Beans

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In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome Tyler Mayoras, CEO and co-founder of Cool Beans, a company that strives to bring whole-food goodness to the frozen foods section of your grocery store by creating minimally processed food that is good for your body, your soul, and the planet. 

We will talk to Tyler about his own plant-based journey and about his inspiration for creating Cool Beans.

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More about Tyler

tyler mayoras of cool beans

Tyler is a passionate impact investor and entrepreneur. He co-founded Cool Beans with the vision of bringing whole food goodness to the frozen foods aisle. His inspiration was to make it easier than ever to eat clean, minimally processed food that’s not only good for your body and soul but also good for the planet!

After reading a statistic that over 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, Tyler knew he had to do something to help!

Starting with “Meatless Mondays,” Tyler transitioned to a plant-based diet, but noticed that his options for meatless meals in the grocery stores were very limited.

In 2018, Tyler co-founded Cool Beans, a company developing products with no-guilt ingredients and bold flavors in hopes of making it easier for people to find healthy plant-based options at the grocery store.

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