4 Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Compared with Danielle Fried

If you listen to the podcast, you know we’ve talked about vegetarian meal delivery services in the past. As the demand for more plant-based options goes up, businesses such as meal delivery boxes is constantly changing!


That’s a GREAT thing!



In this episode of our podcast, we’re talking vegetarian meal delivery options again but this time, with a special guest!  Our guest today is Vegetarian Zen community member, Danielle Fried.


Danielle, (who we affectionately call “Listener Zero”) has been a friend of ours for almost as long as we’ve been podcasting. She became a vegetarian very close to the same time we did (about 6 years ago) and was one of the first people to reach out to us commenting on the podcast.


Very similar to us, Danielle became decided to give vegetarianism a try after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Vegucated along with a couple of other documentaries. Danielle is a very active member of our Peas and Carrots Society offering friendly advice to fellow members.


Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Compared

Danielle tried 4 meal subscription boxes:


You can check out the full details of our conversation here or, scroll down for just the high-level scoop!


The High-Level Scoop!

  • Of the 4 meal delivery boxes tried, Danielle states that she would probably order Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh in the future. Both used high quality ingredients and the meals were crowd-pleasing.


  • Marley Spoon meals typically took about 30 minute to cook but did require quite a bit of cooking tools.


  • Ingredients and recipes were fairly easy.


  • All kits seemed to have more packing than was needed (not exactly eco-friendly).


  • Green Chef didn’t have many choices and had a longer lead time to cancel (7 days).


  • Purple Carrot is completely plant-based.


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