12 of The Most DELICIOUS Vegan Chips in 2022

vegan chips

Whether you’re a potato chip lover or corn chips are more your thing, there are plenty of vegan chips on the market these days that are either intentionally or “accidentally” vegan.

Below you’ll find 12 of our favorite vegan chips recommended by us and/or our trusted closed Facebook Group, The Peas and Carrots Society.

You can listen to us discuss our favorite vegan chips here or read on for a summary. Please note that this article has been updated so may vary slightly from the podcast.

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What Makes a Chip Vegan?

Wait…aren’t all chips vegan? Nope, in fact, many have animal-derived ingredients like dairy, casein, whey, or other enzymes. This is why it’s important to check labels and familiarize yourself with what ingredients aren’t vegan-friendly.

There are a number of resources you can use to help familiarize yourself with ingredients. Back in episode 374 of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we talked to Adriane Marie of HEALabel about conscious consumerism.

Adriane Marie has an app to help you understand not only whether ingredients are veggie-friendly but also if they are friendly toward the environment, laborers, and your health. You can download the HEALabel app here.

Below is a snapshot from the app regarding the ingredient casein. As you can see from the easy-to-read meter, casein is harmful to your health, environment, and to animals. The app also includes company contact information so that if you want to voice concerns about their products or give them kudos for being so awesome, it’s easy to do!

HEALabel casein information


The app also includes company contact information so that if you want to voice concerns about their products or give them kudos for being so awesome, it’s easy to do!


Our List of Top Vegan Chips

Without further ado, here’s our list of our favorite vegan chips in no particular order.

  1. Tostitos, Tortilla Chips Bite Size Rounds

  2. Tostitos, Tortilla Chips Bite Size Rounds

    While not all flavors of Tostitos are vegan (some contain dairy), many of their classic chips and tortilla rounds are vegan.

    Buy on Amazon!

Don’t forget, we vote with our dollars so let these companies know you appreciate the fact that they keep animal ingredients out of their products by buying some of these delicious chips!


And In Case You Think We Forgot…

Click here to check out our article containing news about Dunkin Donuts’ upcoming vegan donut offerings, PLUS tips for ordering vegan drinks at Dunkin.


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