Vegan Fitness Coach Gabriel Zhanay On How to Empower Yourself and Others

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen Podcast we welcome Gabriel Zhanay, a vegan fitness coach who helps empower vegans through health and fitness. We talk to Gabriel about his own plant-based journey and how his coaching program helps empower fellow vegans.

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Who is Vegan Fitness Coach Gabriel Zhanay?

vegan fitness coach gabriel zhanay

Gabriel Zhanay is a vegan leadership and fitness coach. An expert on mindset and leadership, his story of transformation from a depressed, self-loathing man to an inspired and compassionate vegan leader has touched 1000’s of lives. He runs his online coaching company, Vegan Fitness Redefined, with his wife Anna Zhanay.

Together, Gabriel and Anna mold vegans into fit vegan heroes who empower and inspire others as positive examples of health, fitness, and leadership.


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