8 of the Best Vegan Yogurt Brands of 2023

vegan yogurt with fruit

Oh, how I LOVE a cup of vegan yogurt topped with fresh fruit in the morning! And to think, just a few years ago, there weren’t that many vegan brands to choose from. These days, however, there are so many.

We’ve tried many of them and have our #1 pick, but we also asked our trusted closed Facebook group, the Peas and Carrots Society for their picks, and they didn’t disappoint. We’re going to share some of our group members’ favorite vegan yogurt brands with you.

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What is Vegan Yogurt?

Before we jump into our top vegan yogurt brands, let’s talk a little bit about what vegan yogurt is and what makes it a health-promoting food. 

Unlike non-vegan yogurt,  vegan yogurt does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. That means it doesn’t contain milk or other dairy products.

What makes vegan yogurt a particularly good snack (whether you’re vegan or not) is that it’s made from plant-based milk such as:

  • almond
  • soy
  • oat
  • pea
  • coconut

This means that it’s still packed with nutrients such as protein, calcium, and probiotics–all of which can help support your overall health–without containing the lactose and cholesterol that can have negative impacts on your digestive health and raise your cholesterol levels. 

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply looking for a healthier snack, giving vegan yogurt a try is a great idea.

Our Top 8 Vegan Yogurt Brands

We’ve tried a LOT of vegan yogurt brands, and so have the members of our Vegetarian Zen community. Here is a list of our top 8.

1. Forager Project

We are listing our #1 pick first because I was so blown away the first time I tried Forager, I couldn’t imagine it not being at the top of the list. Before trying Forager, I hadn’t tried many cashew milk products. I had no idea vegan yogurt could have such a creamy texture! 

The other thing I love about Forager is that it’s made from simple, organic ingredients. I’ve mentioned before that when I look at an ingredients list, I like to see a short list of healthy ingredients. You’ll definitely find that with Forager products. 

Forager offers a number of delicious vegan yogurt flavors, but my favorite is vanilla bean, which is non-GMO and Kosher and contains 5 live active cultures.

Forager also makes other vegan products, such as sour cream and organic vegan butter.

2. Kite Hill

Kite Hill vegan yogurt is made from almond milk. Like Forager’s yogurt, it’s non-GMO and Kosher. In addition to traditional of non-dairy yogurt, they also offer non-dairy Greek yogurt.

P.S. Kite Hill also makes a great vegan sour cream, ricotta cheese, and cream cheese!

3. So Delicious

The So Delicious brand definitely knows its way around the vegan space. In addition to their coconut milk yogurt, they also have an oat milk option. Peas and Carrots member Tamara O. recommended this one, saying:

It’s the only one I’ve tried, but it’s so good I haven’t wanted to try anything else!

Tamara O.

Tamara also offered this tip for a tasty vegan dessert:

I freeze the chocolate, microwave for 30 seconds and it’s like a single serving of ice cream!

4. Nancy’s

Nancy’s Oat Milk yogurt is soy-free, nut-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and, of course, dairy-free. Each container contains billions of live probiotics for a tasty and healthy snack.

5. Silk

Silk is another one of those companies that has been a POWERHOUSE in the plant-based space for quite a while (even before it was cool). Their products are consistently awesome, so it’s no surprise that their yogurt is, too! Weirdly enough, while I’m not a big fan of mango, I do like mango-flavored yogurt and yogurt drinks, so we’re including that flavor as one of our top picks.

6. Oatly

You may recall that we mentioned Oatly in our top picks for vegan creamers. They definitely know their stuff when it comes to non-dairy foods, so it’s no surprise that their “oatgurt” vegan yogurt does not disappoint.

7. Siggi’s

Made from a coconut-blend, Siggi’s non-dairy vegan yogurt is packed with 10 grams of pea protein and 9 grams of sugar (which isn’t too bad when it comes to flavored yogurts).

Zachary T., of our Peas and Carrots Society, says:

Siggi’s plant-based yogurts are the bomb! They’re coconut milk-based so I only eat them as a treat. My fav flavor is the vanilla-cinnamon.

Zachary, T.

8. Harmless Harvest

Beside the fact that their non-dairy products are coconut-based, I love that Harmless Harvest yogurt is relatively low in sugar (7 grams per serving).  Some yogurts can have a fairly high amount of sugar per serving (around 13 grams), making Harmless Harvest a nice lower-sugar option.

Interested in Making Your Own Homemade Vegan Yogurt?

While we definitely enjoy the convenience of these 8 store-bought vegan yogurt brands, it’s also nice to be able to make your own. Making your own gives you control over all ingredients and leaves out the preservatives so it’s definitely a good way to go as well.

Here’s a video from one of our favorite go-to sites, Pinch of Yum, with a recipe for making your own delicious vegan yogurt. The ingredients are simple and the recipe can easily be made in a good blender.

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Back in 2021, we discussed most of these brands on the podcast. You can listen to us discuss our top vegan yogurt brands here.

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