Environmental Resources

Here are some great resources for learning more about how you can help take care of our planet and the animals who share it with  us! 

vegetarian zen podcast episode 255 - animal abuse legislation in the U.S.

Animal Abuse Legislation in the U.S.

While our core mission here at VZ is to promote the positive aspects of living a healthier plant-based lifestyle, we also want to ensure we are passing along to you any opportunities you have, as a citizen of your country,

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vegetarian zen podcast 173

Health Benefits of Pet Ownership (VZ 173)

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we talk about one of our favorite subjects…pets! Specifically, did you know that owning a pet (or even just interacting with animals) can have positive effects on your health? Not to mention

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Vegetarian Zen Podcast

VZ 157: Whole Food Snacks for Pets

Healthy and Safe Whole Food Choices for Your Furry Babies! In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we’ll be talking about some healthy, whole foods you can feed your pups and kitties. Not all fruits and veggies are safe

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vegetarian zen 120

Happy World Animal Day!

Happy World Animal Day!!! This episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast is dedicated to animals everywhere! In it we share lots of information about World Animal Day: what it is, how it got started, and ways YOU can get involved.

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vegetarian zen episode 117

Making a Difference with Vegetarianism

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we discuss a topic that was suggested by a listener. She wondered if some people who became vegetarian or vegan for reasons pertaining to animal welfare suffer from depression because they feel

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