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celebrating 400 episodes of vegetarian zen

Celebrating 400 Episodes of Vegetarian Zen!

In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we celebrate 400 episodes of Vegetarian Zen! We discuss: What we’ve learned since starting the podcast Some of our favorite Vegetarian Zen episodes What the future holds for Vegetarian Zen Here are

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vegetarian zen episode 394 doug hines

Saving Our Seas with Doug Hines of Atlantic Natural Foods

In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast we welcome Doug Hines, CEO of Atlantic Natural Foods, maker of sustainable, affordable, convenient plant-based products. We talk to Doug about his experiences at Bumblebee; about how the commercial fishing industry is destroying

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10 best vegetarian cookbooks for beginners

10 of The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for Beginners

Let’s say that you have a friend who is interested in exploring a plant-based lifestyle and wants to start by trying some simple vegetarian recipes at home. What are the best vegetarian cookbooks for beginners you would recommend? Well, we

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vegetarian zen 391 how to cook without oil

No Oil? No Problem! How to Cook Without Oil

I was a TOTAL skeptic when it came to oil-free cooking. It wasn’t until I took how to cook without oil that I even realized it was possible! In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast we discuss how to cook

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vegetarian zen 389 8 of the best vegan yogurt brands

8 of the Best Vegan Yogurt Brands of 2021

Oh, how I LOVE a cup of vegan yogurt topped with fresh fruit in the morning! And to think, just a few years ago, there weren’t that many vegan brands to choose from. These days, however, there are so many.

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tyler mayoras and the making of cool beans

Tyler Mayoras and the Making of Cool Beans

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome Tyler Mayoras, CEO and co-founder of Cool Beans, a company that strives to bring whole-food goodness to the frozen foods section of your grocery store by creating minimally processed food

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