Why Being a Part-Time Vegan is Better Than Nothing with Siovonne Smith

If you’ve struggled with the idea of going vegan because you can’t imagine life without some of your favorite foods, perhaps trying out part-time veganism is the thing for you!

In this episode of the podcast, we interview Siovonne Smith, author of The 3-Day Vegan.

In our interview, Siovonne discusses how an experiment to go vegan on a part-time basis eased her into eating vegan regularly.


Who is Siovonne Smith?

Siovonne Smith is a writer, photographer, explorer, and adventurer based in California.

From an early age, she became interested in nutrition specifically, how what we eat impacts our health.


Can I Really Eat Vegan on a Part-Time Basis?



If it works for you, then YES! You absolutely can!

When we first started podcasting in 2013, one of the things we discussed often was how having an “all-or-nothing” mentality can prevent people from even trying a plant-based diet in the first place.

While some people can go completely plant-based overnight, others might take time to settle into this new lifestyle. We all have or own timelines and we should respect each other’s journeys.

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